What’s a “virtual run”, and how does it work?

A virtual ‘run’ is an event that can be done in any location, at any time, at any pace. You can walk, jog, roll, dance, or run; use the treadmill, hit the road, sidewalk, or trail; you can even participate day or night or even in another “real-world” race. It’s completely up to you how to move…just get moving!

Here in the Fanthropy Running Clubs, each virtual run celebrates an aspect of that fandom, where participants receive a custom-designed finisher’s medal for their fitness effort, all the proceeds go to registered non-profit charities.


Each event in the Fanthropy Running Clubs has a defined distance, and open registration to anyone, anywhere in the world.

You register for the event with a $27 donation, and 100% of proceeds go to non-profit charities!


By registering for a Fanthropy virtual event, you’re able to do the event’s distance in any way you choose, whenever and wherever you choose. Run on a treadmill! Hike in the woods! Walk your campus or workplace hallways! It’s really “your race, your pace, your place”.

You don’t have to report back to us to prove you’ve completed it, or use any tracking apps to monitor distance unless you choose to. This is all about you!


Best of all, you’ll be sent an incredible, uniquely designed geeky-themed medal!

The medals are shipped on the “honor system”; if you don’t have the opportunity to complete your distance by the time the medal arrives, that’s okay! You can do the distance how, when, and where you choose, and then you can show off that medal with fan pride!