An Important Update

  Hello everyone… We have several very important and difficult announcements to make. First, we will be winding down PHRC in the next few months. This step was not taken lightly, but we believe it is the best option under very difficult circumstances. We have reached an agreement to settle the lawsuit that Warner Bros. brought against us. The terms of the settlement are confidential, so there is not a whole lot we are able to discuss but we will […]

Daphne Legacy Tour announced as next WRC charity partner

  Back in 2016, the WRC ran its first event for a cause that perfectly matched our “laugh hard, run fast, be kind” identity: the plight of the Spanish Greyhound, or “Galgo”. Galgos remain among the world’s most abused animals with an estimated 100,000 killed or abandoned in Spain every year. Capable of amazing speed and grace, they’ve been bred as tools for sport and hunting but never given the dignity of proper care, a home, or a family. We’ve […]

The RTI Summer 2021 Direct Impact Project: Period Supplies

  A 2019 study led by St. Louis University researchers found 36 percent of people who menstruate missed days of work due to a lack of adequate period supplies. It also found 21 percent of low-income individuals surveyed couldn’t buy those needed products on a monthly basis…nearly half of them had to choose between buying food or period-related products.  That study was conducted before the global pandemic led to lockdowns, closed businesses, rising unemployment, and decreased availability of retail goods. […]

RODS announced as next WRC charity partner

  Back in the summer of 2017, our community met another non-profit organization who were tapping into the energy of widespread fitness activity to raise funds for a philanthropic goal. In meeting them and getting to know their work, we were also introduced to an incredible little boy…named Charlie. The rest was heart-soaring history. We’re so pleased to tell the world that our charity partner for the next Whovian Running Club event is RODS: Racing for Orphans with Down Syndrome! […]

akt announced as next WRC charity partner

  No matter the dangers, no matter the risks, the Doctor’s confidence has allowed them to turn to anyone — from a dishwasher to a demigod — and say exactly who they were. What if the expression of who you are puts you in danger? What if being yourself poses a risk to your own safety? This is the very real, very frightening situation that LGBTQ+ youth are put in when they feel they have to choose between expressing themselves […]

Unite to Light announced as next WRC charity partner

Think for a moment about the expression “kept in the dark” as referring to someone being put at a disadvantage. Over a billion people live without electricity. Access to clean, affordable light and energy is critical to improving health, education and prosperity.  A child’s education can be dramatically hindered by the inability to read or study after sundown. In moments of disaster response, reliable light and power are critical to first responders, health care personnel, and the victims themselves. The […]

Clean Ocean Access announced as next WRC charity partner

We can purchase groceries off the shelf that have been wrapped and shipped intact from hundreds of miles away; we can order a gadget online that comes safely sealed from halfway across the world.  But this convenience comes with a price, and the planet itself is paying it. Every year, human activity leads to tons of plastic debris ending up in ocean waters, with a huge impact on the health of our shorelines and coastal ecosystems. If we work to […]

Daphne Legacy Tour announced as next WRC charity partner

Their lives prior to their “disposal” is just as cruel as they are regularly abused as they race or hunt for their masters.  A few small charities have been working numerous avenues (legal fights, raising awareness, and extensive rescue efforts) to help save these amazing animals.  Whovian Running Club has always been, and will always be, in this fight. Whovian Running Club is thrilled to announce the charity partner for our final event of 2020 is Daphne Legacy Tour! Since […]

Nurses House announced as next WRC charity partner

If our love of Doctor Who has taught us anything, it’s that the hero doesn’t need a cape, or superpowers, or a badge, or even a weapon. A hero is there exactly when needed — often not even expected — and puts themselves at the center of the problem, doing all they can. They aren’t superhuman…but rather superbly human. At this time of global pandemic, our world is focused on its health. The fight for safety and well-being touches us […]

Journey Out announced as next WRC charity partner

Safety and security are a huge concern for every one of us; now more than ever. But as much as we work to protect and shelter ourselves and those we care about, there are a huge number of people — as high as 40 million around the world — who are victims of a crime that isn’t talked about enough.   According to the United Nations, human trafficking affects every country in the world. Trafficking involves transporting someone into a […]