Fanthropy Spotlight Charity Partner: TWLOHA

100% of donations through Fanthropy Running Clubs events go to charity, and a percentage of those donations go to specific charity partners throughout the year. These organizations are our biggest fandom: the ones who make positive change, and help us create the sort of better world we want to live in. We’ve seen these better worlds in our books, our films, our shows, our art. These fantastic charity partners make it a reality. Right now, our charity partner is To Write […]

TWLOHA announced as next WRC charity partner

There is a lie we tend to believe which is that we can’t talk about issues such as depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. We’ve learned that two out of three people who struggle with depression never get help for it. Our charity partner for the first event of 2020 began as an attempt to help one person see the next day, and the day after that. Jamie Tworkowski sold shirts from a box to help a struggling friend pay for […]