Fanthropy Spotlight Charity Partner: Patriot PAWS

100% of donations through Fanthropy Running Clubs events go to charity, and a percentage of those donations go to specific charity partners throughout the year. These organizations are our biggest fandom: the ones who make positive change, and help us create the sort of better world we want to live in. We’ve seen these better worlds in our books, our films, our shows, our art. These fantastic charity partners make it a reality. Right now, our charity partner is Patriot […]

Patriot PAWS Service Dogs announced as next WRC charity partner

“What matters is this, Doctor: don’t travel alone.” — River Song “You see, this is what happens when you travel alone for too long.” — Amy Pond There is a simple truth in Doctor Who: Even the most courageous individuals in the universe need a companion. Now imagine a courageous individual who has returned disabled from their service to their country. Bearing not only the physical scars of battle, but the emotional and psychological scars as well, their need for […]