The RTI Winter 2021 Direct Impact Project

This winter, our worldwide Fanthropy Running Clubs community is focusing our Direct Impact Project (DIP) on the importance of early brain and language development through the power of reading books to young children from birth. We’re going to collect new picture and board books for young children (target ages 1 to 5) for delivery to multiple facilities that will put them into the hands of those who need them most. THE GOAL: Our community is going to donate 5,000 new […]

The RTI Winter 2019 Direct Impact Project: Diapers

The Winter Direct Impact Project (DIP) competition of 2019 is now open! In 2017, all three RTI programs came together to donate several tons of coffee to the people of Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria via an inter-program competition that became known as the Fanthropy Coffee Cup (which Whovian Running Club has skillfully won two years in a row!). This year, all FOUR Fanthropy Running Programs will compete in the Direct Impact Competition, but since it is […]