Run your next fundraiser event...virtually.


Powered by Fanthropy® is a program that seeks to assist nonprofits with executing their own virtual running event to maximize fundraising without having to learn everything about medal production, design specifications, medal fulfillment or the intricacies of domestic and international shipping.

We have over seven years of experience and have successfully delivered more than 300,000 medals to more than 60 countries around the world.

How it works

You run an incredible nonprofit. We make running a fundraiser easier.

Our in-house designer, Dawn Biggs, is one of the foremost artists on the planet in her medium: “3-inch wearable metal canvas”, also known as a running medal. Her amazing designs have been featured in magazines and news articles. Dawn can design a medal for your organization based on your logo, a current campaign or project, or create something completely original. She will work with you and guide you through the design process.

Our production company is Crown Awards, located less than two hours from our Connecticut offices. As Crown’s largest non-profit customer, we get reduced prices and we pass our savings on to you. Production time is approximately 30 days from when the final design is approved.

Our highly flexible event registration platform allows us to meet nearly any registration requirements you might have. Do you want people to join a team based on a chapter location? Want to know how many people found the event through a Google search or in response to a Facebook ad? Want to add an additional donation option to the registration? We can do all of that. You can also have us collect “bib information” and create custom digital bibs for your supporters to download.

This is the messy (and expensive) part that no one warns you about when you’re thinking about doing a virtual running event. USPS has a myriad of rules, options and idiosyncrasies that we have learned through years of experience. We’ll print all of the postage, physically pack all of the individual medals in poly-bubble-mailers and mail them to almost any location on the planet.

“This all sounds great…what’s it going to cost us?”  The answer? Not as much as you think.

We’re a non-profit that wants to motivate people to be more active. You are putting on a virtual running event. By helping you, we’re helping fulfill our own core mission.

Medals and postage are “at-cost items.” The cost of medals from Crown Awards and postage from USPS will be your cost for those items. There’s no markup, but we do enjoy discount pricing for both Crown Awards and USPS, so you get those same discounts if we’re doing the production and fulfillment for you.

Some things cost the same whether you have 100 registrations or 1000, so we do charge a non-refundable $250 for all events. After that, it’s a simple per-registration handling fee that covers our labor, shipping supplies, etc. The “at-cost” items and fees come out of the registration donations from your supporters once registration begins, so there’s no additional out of pocket for you!

You decide what the registration donation will be, and then we serve as the “pass-through” for the funds raised. Since we’re also a 501(c)3, your supporters won’t lose the deductibility of their donation.

We’ll provide regular updates on registrations and funds raised throughout the event. All funds, along with a complete breakdown of income and expenses, will be transmitted to you immediately after the medals are mailed.

We keep the process easy and cost-effective.

So what’s next?

Let’s chat! If you are interested in having Powered by Fanthropy® support your virtual event, let’s set up a time to talk about your goals and ideas at your convenience.

Contact us today at 731-FANDOMS (731-326-3667) or email brian@fanthropy.org.

We look forward to supporting your non-profit with an exciting and engaging virtual event that will be fun for your supporters and a beneficial fundraising event for your organization!