The Fanthropy Endurance program is a way for fanthropists to bring their energy and enthusiasm to in-person race events around the United States. These are community gatherings with a power-up bonus: showing hundreds upon thousands of race attendees what fandom in motion can do.


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How it works

Fanthropy Endurance is a chance for our virtual community to meet at actual running and fitness events, to celebrate our fandoms and the friendships that have brought us together, while showing support for the nonprofit organization that made it all happen.

You’re attending some awesome race somewhere, along with dozens of other members of the Fanthropy Running Clubs. You’re geeking out about your fandoms, from page to screen to everything in between, while completing some super-cool race event in a major city, and spending the weekend at a sweet hotel (at a discount). By doing a bit of fundraising around your social circles, you’re supporting this group that makes the community a (virtual) reality in the first place.

No matter where you want to join one of these Fanthropy Endurance takeovers, the process is simple:

As you fundraise, two things happen:

  • First, our organization benefits so we can keep growing and expanding the Fanthropy program that you love. We want more people to join this movement, and help change the world one mile at a time.
  • The other thing that happens is your fundraising rewards. At the first tier, you get an exclusive tech shirt and pin for that race event, but above that, the swag gets even cooler.

One more thing:

We’ve got event locations from coast to coast right now, and more will be added on all the time, but there may be some who want the swag, who want to support Random Tuesday and the Fanthropy programs, but just can’t get to one of the offered cities. That’s okay. We practically wrote the book on ‘virtual fitness events’, so why wouldn’t we offer that here?

In those cases, you’d skip Step One, because you’re not signing up for the actual in-person event. Go to Step Two and register with us as doing the virtual event.  You’ll still get the email with the fundraising link, and you can still earn all the reward tiers for the geeky goods like everyone else.)

That’s it! Sign up, get registered, and fundraise. 1, 2, 3.

Support Our Fanthropists!

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