Whovian Running Club

Laugh hard. Run fast. Be kind.

As part of the Fanthropy Running Clubs®, WRC is an online fandom community dedicated to positive personal health while supporting charities through virtual running events. You complete an event distance however, whenever, wherever you choose, and receive a Whovian-inspired medal. Registrations are tax-deductible, and 100% of donations go to charity!


The Doctor advises us to make our stories -- our own individual lives -- good ones. Here are just a few of our community members' stories that show how good they truly are.

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Jen Washington, US

I got my first 5k medal ever and it feels amazing to have something to hold that not only represents the hard work and struggle I put in to accomplish my first run, but a beautiful reminder of every beautiful soul who participated in this event to help us keep making a difference in the lives of limb different children and adults all over the world!

Angela New Jersey, US

I'm truly thankful for all the experiences that I've had so far and for all the people who supported me in all my endeavors! I can honestly say that running truly has made me feel like a new person. And thank you, WRC, for pushing me to be my best, both physically and mentally!


ACROSS ALL OF TIME AND SPACE: The following members of Whovian Running Club have distinguished themselves by registering for all five virtual running events, plus the annual Challenge event, for a total of six events in a single calendar year. In honor of their personal fitness accomplishments, their dedication to the Whovian Running Club, and the immense amount kindness shown to the world in this effort, we hereby name them TARDIS Keyholders, preserving and cherishing their names here for all time.