The rock star of our programs is the Fanthropy Running Clubs®. With active online participation by over 50,000 individuals in 67 countries, it's the world's largest virtual fitness community. These clubs conduct themed 'virtual fitness' events with uniquely designed medals (geek bling!) that celebrate fandom interests, encourage physical activity, and raise donation support for charity partners.
Fandom Running Club

Fandom Running Club

You love that thing? WE DO TOO! The FRC community participates in virtual fitness events themed after tons of fan interests, from classic movies, to favorite TV programs, to books, games, and more. If it gets you excited, it's worth getting in motion!

Potterhead Running Club

What's more inspiring than life in the Castle? The PHRC community casts a spell that transports us to that magical realm, where the virtual fitness events celebrate the stories, characters, and moments that opened our eyes to a world beyond muggle imagination. We solemnly swear that we are up to So Much Good!

Whovian Running Club

Basically, run! The WRC community is all about the incredible adventures emerging from the UK's 60-year science fiction saga. When you have the means to travel through time and space in a strange blue box, you collect some incredible experiences. We honor them with virtual fitness events unlike anything else in the Universe. Laugh hard, run fast, be kind!

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The Fanthropy Back Catalog has dozens of available events, each with a unique and awesome fandom-inspired medal for your efforts. Open it up and find something you love!

Recent Events

Let’s face it: we love the bling. Here are just a few of the virtual run events we’ve recently conducted, and the amazing medals that fanthropists have earned in participation. See our complete list of available current events here!

Our Most Recent Charity Partners

Below are just a few of the most recent charity partners our Fanthropy Running Clubs have benefitted through virtual running events and direct impact projects. See our complete roster of charity partners to meet them all!