Fanthropy® is more than where fandom meets philanthropy: it's a philosophy and a movement that inspires tens of thousands worldwide to improve themselves and their surroundings by tapping into the energy that fan appreciation ignites.

Fanthropy Running Clubs®

The rock star of our programs is the Fanthropy Running Clubs®. With active online participation by over 50,000 individuals in 67 countries, it is the world’s largest virtual fitness community.

These clubs conduct themed ‘virtual fitness’ events with uniquely designed medals (geek bling!) that celebrate fandom interests, encourage physical activity, and raise donation support for charity partners.

Fanthropy Endurance

Most recently, the Fanthropy Endurance program has been created as a way for fanthropists to bring their energy and enthusiasm to “IRL” race events around the United States.

These are community gatherings with a power-up bonus: showing hundreds upon thousands of race attendees what fandom in motion can do.