Rebranded ‘Potterhead Running Club’ continues to unite fan community in altruism and fitness goals

GUILFORD, CT, [November 6] — Random Tuesday, Inc. (RTI) today announced a rebranding and program structure for its oldest and largest charity fundraising and fitness community previously known as the Hogwarts Running Club. Now known as the Potterhead Running Club (PHRC), it will become part of a set of “fanthropy” running programs: the intersection between fandom entertainment interests, physical fitness, and philanthropic actions.

The non-profit organization commits to this change to best serve their established online community of 65,000+ fans of the ‘Harry Potter’ book and film series, self-identified as ‘Potterheads’, and together serve their mission to promote personal fitness while supporting charitable organizations as a fandom-centric community.

“We are the very individuals and families that make up the Potterhead fandom,” says CEO Brian Biggs. “The inspiration and encouragement that we take from this magical world are the same that drive us to want to improve the one we live in. Potterheads exemplify the diversity, comradery, energy, and passion that these incredible stories give them. No one digs into something like a fan, and when that determination is applied to philanthropy, amazing things happen. That’s fanthropy.”

Alongside sister running programs like the Whovian Running Club that honors fans of the ‘Doctor Who’ television series, the Potterhead Running Club will continue to organize ‘virtual’ running events that connect fans in a fitness community, with proceeds going to charities around the world.

The rebranding includes updates to the program website, logo, graphics, communications and correspondence. PHRC’s community of participants will see those visual and naming updates within the associated social network groups for and communications by the program.

Random Tuesday, Inc. (RTI) is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that operates four “fanthopy” charitable running programs: Potterhead Running Club; Whovian Running Club; Chilton Running Club; and Fandom Running Club. Each program organizes virtual running events inspired by fandoms to promote active lifestyles while raising money for deserving charities. Since its foundation in 2014, RTI’s fandom philanthropy has resulted in over $2,200,000 for more than fifty charity partners and draws global participation by over 65,000 individuals from 67 countries on 6 continents, who have collectively run over 10,000,000 miles.


For more information about RTI or its fanthropy programs, please contact communications director Keir Hansen at 203-733-8658, email, or visit

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