Potterhead Running Club’s second event of 2019.

Our charity partners were the three other non-profits in the Potterhead fandom: Fandom Forward, Transfiguring Adoption and The Protego Foundation! Formerly the HPA, Fandom Forward is a long time friend, and together we’ve built a library in Uganda and helped train the next generation of Wizard Activists through the Granger Leadership Academy. Transfiguring Adoption uses the lessons from the story to develop media, resources, and tools that nurture growth in foster and adoptive children specifically focused on providing critical support to foster parents as they handle tough issues that many foster children face. Finally, the Protego Foundation is inspired by the wizarding world to fight for animal rights in the muggle/no-maj world. Our four organizations read the same seven books and each came away with a unique inspiration, but all have the same goal to make the world better.

UPDATE: This event led to $15,210.97 in donation support to Fandom Forward ($6,331.37 in-kind donation), to Transfiguring Adoption ($4,439.80), and to The Protego Foundation ($4,439.80).