As you pass through the mist, you sense a presence…the air around you feels charged with magical energy. The shadowed mass in front of you that looked like a small hill begins to tremble and a low rumble fills the air. As you step closer, you see the movement of a sinuous neck and then a large head fills your field of vision and a bellowing roar shatters the air…

Fandom Running Club is excited to announce the next event to honor the brave tabletop adventurers of D&D:

Forged By Fire 5k

Forged By Fire 5k!


…A second head lifts up and glares at you, a third, a fourth, a fifth… eyes blazing and teeth bared each head joins in the roar until the very air is shaking with the sound! The mighty Tiamat has been awoken from her slumber, let the Earth tremble in fear.

Dragons! Of course, we had to do an event about Dragons! At some point, your campaign is going to encounter a dragon. Do you fight? Do you run away? Do you throw your bard into its mouth to slow it down? Well, if you encounter the King of Good Dragons, Bahamut, you bow. And if you encounter the Queen of Evil Dragons, Tiamat, you…ummm…well, you die. (You really don’t have a choice on that one.)

Your registration for the Forged by Fire 5k includes an awesome 3″ two-sided medal with the benevolent platinum dragon, Bahamut, on one side and the deadly and evil 5-headed Tiamat on the other. You can hang it on your wall based your own personal alignment.

This FRC event has SOLD OUT! Thanks to all who participated, and we look forward to your next glorious adventure!