We owe a tremendous thanks to everyone who put in the time (and sweat!) to be a part of our Fanthropy Endurance Program and the “Fanthropy Takeover” of the Williams Route 66 Marathon Weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma, November 20-21, 2021.

A huge shout out to Justin V. and Theresa M. for raising over $1,000! Doing so earned all the fundraising rewards, plus a Fanthropy Running Clubs pre-registration for 2022!

Big cheers are also in order for Matt K., Jane A., Mynda C., Betsey M., Brian B., Christine W., Barbara G., and Sarah H. for hitting the $250 fundraising level, earning them an event shirt and the Fanthropy Hydroflask!

Congratulations also to Lydia O., Kathryn H., Jess W., Rebecca W., Christina T., Dray T., Jessica G., Lynette P., Katie W., Courtney I., Craig G., Sarah O., Carrie D., Jill L., Lorna B., Leslie H., Christine J., William J., and Graham J. for hitting the $75 level and earning an event shirt!

What an incredible weekend of shenanigans, PRs smashed, miles crossed, and so much more.

Thank you for fundraising for the Fanthropy Endurance Program, for getting in motion with us (in person!), and for being a part of this worldwide Fanthropy family. We appreciate and love you!

This event raised $6,345 in donation support to Fanthropy Running Clubs.