Fandom Running Club presents:

Build Your Own 5k!

You’re the one with the master builder skills to assemble yourself exactly as YOU want, so click on your favorite pair of workout pants (“Honey, where are my…?”) and get inspired by the little building blocks that the entire world knows and loves.

This imaginative 3″ medal shows off just how unique and no-rules-only-right you can be if you choose!

Fandom Running Club is a Fanthropy™ (fandom philanthropy) running club program. Fanthropy Running Clubs are programs of Random Tuesday, Inc., a federally registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization. The full amount of your tax-deductible donation will be reflected in your confirmation email.

Participant’s digital bib

All signed up? Here’s a blank digital bib for the event that you can download, print, mark up any way you choose to show your participation in this fandom-inspired fitness event!

Share your bibs (or sweaty selfies, or anything else that shows us how amazing you are) on social media! Just tag #FandomRunningClub so we can celebrate your awesomocity!