The RTI 2020 Summer Virtual DIP

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had made the decision to cancel our physical Direct Impact Project for Summer 2020. This did not mean we had to cancel the concept of directly impacting local organizations, nor the opportunity to support our past charity partners during this time. We can’t help wanting to do all we can for them, but do it safely!

To make that happen, we’re taking the energy, passion, and power of all our incredible past Direct Impact Projects, and directing it out to the world at large: keeping everyone safe while letting each person choose how and where they want to make positive change!

Starting on Monday, June 22 and running through Sunday, July 12, we posted a new daily** badge and direction on “how to DIP”, following the calendar of themes you see posted here. There’s also a fun ‘punch card’ for our members to add the daily badges you earn (keeping track of those yourself) to as we work through the 3 weeks of this exciting and special virtual DIP.

** Note that you don’t HAVE to have your DIP-deed done on that exact day…that’s just when the word goes out of what we’re encouraging fanthropists around the world to do!

Let’s turn the dials up to FULL FANDOM this summer, and show the world the power of Fanthropy®!