As is the custom during any Direct Impact Project we challenge our community with, the goal numbers have been blown away!

We tasked the members of our multiple Fanthropy Running Clubs to accumulate a goal of 200,000 diapers to assist The National Diaper Bank Network in getting supplies to areas around the United States where they are in the most need. We only gave them three weeks to do so, and then put the Herculean task upon a team of volunteers who would not only process and count, but temporarily store all those boxes (upon boxes, upon boxes) until they could be delivered to diaper banks and community distribution centers in key areas.

We’re thrilled to tell the world that we have donated 218,855 diapers! The grateful response we’ve already received from regional diaper banks who learned of our efforts through our distribution volunteers has been incredible.

It happens every time we “do the DIP dance”, but it never ceases to hit us right in the heartstrings: YOU ARE ALL AMAZING.

Keep changing the world, and inspiring us to do the same!