Over the last three years, the Witches and Wizards of Potterhead Running Club have come together to donate scarves, socks, coffee, animal shelter supplies, humanitarian aid items, and, of course, a whole lotta bandages. It’s time to make some magic again!

There is no specific charity beneficiary for this Direct Impact Project (DIP); it’s all about showing strangers kindness with a simple, but incredibly important, gift: the final Direct Impact Project for 2018 will be donating warm, knit winter hats for the homeless.

We were pleased to announce that this Direct Impact Project supported area homeless by collecting hats and sending them to a various collection points across the world. These hats were then distributed to regional homeless shelters and other locations by our wonderful collection volunteers.

Our ‘direct impact projects’ are never easy, nor do we choose the goals arbitrarily. They are aggressive, challenging, but altogether invaluable targets to aim for. They are goals where we know that in their pursuit, we will be improving lives, spreading happiness, and doing so much good for so many.

UPDATE: And once again, the number of hats sent in far exceeded our expectations. We sought to gather a 20,000 hats for the homeless. With the efforts and hearts of the members of Potterhead Running Club, we collected 41,385 hats. Thank you to the tens of thousands who run and participate with us for heeding the call, and showing strangers kindness with a simply gift of a warm hat.

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