On September 20th, Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico and devastated the island. Two months later, over half the island is still without power and the process of recovery is taking a long time. We can’t do anything to impact power needs, fuel supplies or infrastructure…but we CAN give the people of Puerto Rico one thing:


During the long days of recovery, one key element of Puerto Rican culture is missing: COFFEE!

We are pleased to announce the 2017 Winter Direct Impact Project will be: RTI’s #GetTheJobDone Coffee Drive!

Coffee is considered a “luxury item” and has not been included in many of humanitarian aid shipments to the island. We have partnered with an amazing organization, Convoy of Hope, to get coffee to the island…and we hope it will be a LOT of coffee. Convoy of Hope will receive and palletize the coffee, drive the pallets to the docks, load them on ships, and deliver the coffee to the people of Puerto Rico. So, now all we need is the COFFEE (to get the job done)!

Between the three programs, we are setting our sights on a lofty goal…25,000+ bags or TEN TONS of coffee for the people of Puerto Rico.

UPDATE: This Direct Impact Project collected and donated 5,733 lbs of coffee for the people of Puerto Rico.