We are #NotThrowingAwayOurSocks…we’re donating them! In addition to HQ in Connecticut, we have volunteers who’ve agreed to collect socks in Canada, Australia and Great Britain so our international members can save money on postage! Those living in other countries can chose to send their socks to the US or to any of the international locations…whatever is least expensive.

We’ve arranged for the socks collected by our volunteers in Canada, Australia and the UK to be donated to some incredible charities:

Australia: 2 Pairs Each 9-year-old, Josh Berry, decided to help homeless people and is collecting 50,000 pairs of socks so that every one of the 23,000 homeless people in Victoria can have 2 pairs of socks each.

UK: Socks and Chocs believe that “a lot of people doing a little, is better than a few people doing a lot” and are helping the homeless with much need items and essential health needs like foot care.

Canada: Lookout Emergency Aid Society near Vancouver provides housing and a range of support services to adults with low or no income who have few, if any, housing or support options.

And in the US, we will distribute the socks to more than a dozen shelters and charities all over the country, but one in particular will get at least 1,000 pairs. Warming Hearts and Soles in Ormond Beach, Florida, was started by 6-year-old Leah Davis who has a goal of distributing 1 million socks (or 500,000 pairs) by the time she graduates from high school.

UPDATE: This Direct Impact Project collected and donated 81,611 pairs of socks to those in need.