Fandom energy can be channelled into some incredible achievements, and makes for a supercharged, super-human, super-positive community.

Colleen Nevada, US

I feel better and think I look better so that's what matters to me. Last race event my team helped me accomplish 140 miles in 11 days, which is my biggest achievement. I've only joined this year, but I wanted to thank all the friends I've made and to FRC for pushing, encouraging, and inspiring me to do my best.

Erin Georgia, US

When I say I love FRC and Battle of the Fandoms I mean it. The friendships we have formed literally around the world are just amazing. Some of the members from my team just did our first round-the-world zoom party, representing Japan, Australia, and across all the timezones in the States from CA to GA. This is what Random Tuesday and these Fanthropy groups are all about.