Adult Literacy League announced as next PHRC charity partner

Education is the single greatest tool to overcome a myriad of societal injustices. It’s the path to a better future for everyone, yet millions of adults read at or below a fifth grade reading level.  Illiteracy turns simple, everyday tasks into real problems. Reading product labels, following street signs, or filling out job applications can be difficult and frustrating.  Our charity partner for the first PHRC event of 2021 is the Adult Literacy League! The Adult Literacy League helps over […]

The RTI Winter 2020 Direct Impact Project: Kids’ Bandages

This group, this community, this family of fanthropists has done some incredible things over the years, no matter the challenges. You might say we’ve “stuck together” through it all. It’s time once again to see what we can do when we direct our energy towards one goal: bringing a smile to the face of kids who need it the most. We couldn’t be more pleased to announce that the Winter 2020 DIP will be supporting Noah’s Bandage Project! The organization was […]

Trans Lifeline announced as next PHRC charity partner

This castle is composed of Fanthropists. We have our houses, our close contacts and our acquaintances, but as fans of a magical world, we are all devoted to acts of goodness and kindness. Our community is vast, diverse, and complex, but with a common connective thread: one another. We are a widespread and wonderful family. As long as these walls stand, we will repeat again and again: all are welcome in this castle. All are welcome, seen, respected, loved, and […]

Daphne Legacy Tour announced as next WRC charity partner

Their lives prior to their “disposal” is just as cruel as they are regularly abused as they race or hunt for their masters.  A few small charities have been working numerous avenues (legal fights, raising awareness, and extensive rescue efforts) to help save these amazing animals.  Whovian Running Club has always been, and will always be, in this fight. Whovian Running Club is thrilled to announce the charity partner for our final event of 2020 is Daphne Legacy Tour! Since […]

All Star Code announced as next PHRC charity partner

Science. Invention. Technology. Every day, we see the previously impossible become possible through technological advances. In our world, that’s magic. Those who create and innovate in the STEM fields are truly wizards of the modern world. But what does someone do when they have extraordinary dreams to change the world but are denied the chance to pursue them? Young men of color are at a considerable statistical disadvantage pursuing careers in computer technology and software development. Despite the booming growth […]

Nurses House announced as next WRC charity partner

If our love of Doctor Who has taught us anything, it’s that the hero doesn’t need a cape, or superpowers, or a badge, or even a weapon. A hero is there exactly when needed — often not even expected — and puts themselves at the center of the problem, doing all they can. They aren’t superhuman…but rather superbly human. At this time of global pandemic, our world is focused on its health. The fight for safety and well-being touches us […]

Team Rubicon announced as next PHRC charity partner

Military members are built to serve. It’s who they are. They have spent most of their adult lives preparing, training and deploying all over the world to serve their country. For many service members, the worst thing that can happen is to stop serving. When a military member leaves military service, they miss the camaraderie of their fellow soldiers. They miss having a mission. They want — they need — to put their training and talents to use to serve […]

The RTI Summer 2020 Direct Impact Project

As our global community focuses on individual and collective safety in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain resolute in doing everything possible as an organization to join in and support those efforts. While so many of us look forward to the Direct Impact Projects (DIPs) that demonstrate our ability to coordinate a wildly successful international goods drive, the risks associated with conducting such a project at this time outweigh the benefits of the effort on multiple levels. Because of […]

Journey Out announced as next WRC charity partner

Safety and security are a huge concern for every one of us; now more than ever. But as much as we work to protect and shelter ourselves and those we care about, there are a huge number of people — as high as 40 million around the world — who are victims of a crime that isn’t talked about enough.   According to the United Nations, human trafficking affects every country in the world. Trafficking involves transporting someone into a […]

One Tree Planted announced as next PHRC charity partner

This incredible community has changed the world in countless ways over the years through the #SoMuchGood that it does. We’ve fought diseases. We’ve found forever homes for amazing kids. We’ve cared for our veterans, our homeless, our elders. We’ve protected magical creatures. We’ve saved lives.⁣ As we consider all the things that need attention and resources in this world, we take a deep, focusing breath…and look up at the trees. Gripping the soil; stretching to the skies; making this planet […]