Seven Years of #SoMuchGood

One year ago today, Potterhead Running Club celebrated it’s sixth birthday. On that day we had no idea what the coming year had in store for us.
It was a year of loss and tragedy. It was a year of stress and insecurity. We stayed home. Toilet paper became the currency of the realm. We found a new appreciation for teachers, restaurant employees, and grocery store workers. We learned how to Zoom. We made bread…so much bread.
All of us sought sanctuary from our worries and so many found it here.
Over the last year, PHRC has fulfilled its promise to provide a safe, welcoming community for everyone. It was a safe space that served as a protected harbor in a seemingly never-ending storm of murder hornets, wildfires, UFOs, hurricanes, and Tiger King. PHRC, and all of the Fanthropy Running Clubs, provided people with an outlet for their fears and frustrations and motivated folks to stay active while staying safe.
While it was a rough year for everyone, PHRC thrived because incredible people (YOU!) came together in fandom and friendship to support each other, to lift each other up, and to do what you could to help others get through the toughest year imaginable. We took a bunch of hits, but this community never faltered.
Every year on this day, we tend to reminisce about how PHRC got started on March 6th, 2014. How a desire to raise $500 for cancer research transformed into a global movement for positive change. But this year, we think it’s important to stop and remember how an absolutely horrendous year clearly demonstrated how absolutely incredible this community truly is.
Thank you for another wonderful year. Thank you for your continued support of this organization and each other. Thank you for being awesome. Happy Birthday, Potterhead Running Club!!!
Brian, Dawn, Barbara, Betsey, Hiddles & Keir