“The difference between now and then is night and day,” Col. Brian Biggs says.

This organization and the mission it pursues are the product of ideas and principles held by our president and co-founder, Brian Biggs. But his desire to change the world for the better doesn’t limit itself to Random Tuesday’s fanthropic (fandom-inspired philanthropy) pursuits.

When he’s not stirring up excitement among the tens of thousands of global virtual fitness event participants, or coordinating with like-minded charitable groups to improve the world in measurable, tangible ways, he keeps working for the greater good: as Colonel in the Air Force Reserve with direct responsibilities in emergency preparedness.

“This time last year, Col. Brian Biggs of the Air Force Reserve was helping to dispatch refrigerated trucks and body bags to pandemic-ravaged New York City and other places in the Northeast that needed them the most. Now, Biggs’ mission is helping to ensure that needles loaded with the Covid-19 vaccine get into the arms of as many people as possible in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.”

FULL ARTICLE: Air Force reservist on Covid front lines goes from securing body bags to delivering vaccines