Virtual Fitness in the Wake of COVID-19

We’re all witnessing the impact of COVID-19 on every aspect of our daily lives, from minor inconveniences to major shifts in the way our businesses, families, and lives can function. For those with a dedication to maintaining personal health and fitness, self-care efforts are no exception. News comes to us hourly about the closing of gyms, fitness centers, pools, and other facilities that were the basis for hundreds of thousands of individuals looking to keep to a workout routine. Additionally, […]

Fandom-Focused Non-Profit Random Tuesday, Inc. Unveils New Running Program Brand

Rebranded ‘Potterhead Running Club’ continues to unite fan community in altruism and fitness goals GUILFORD, CT, [November 6] — Random Tuesday, Inc. (RTI) today announced a rebranding and program structure for its oldest and largest charity fundraising and fitness community previously known as the Hogwarts Running Club. Now known as the Potterhead Running Club (PHRC), it will become part of a set of “fanthropy” running programs: the intersection between fandom entertainment interests, physical fitness, and philanthropic actions. The non-profit organization […]