Tickets available for 2021 Fanthropy Yule Ball

It’s the triumphant return of our annual Yule Ball! For years, the Yule Ball has been the year-end celebration of all the good our community has done for themselves, for one another, and for the charity partners that have become an extended part of this amazing global family. On Friday, December 10th, Random Tuesday, Inc. welcomes the members of our Fanthropy Running Clubs and their guests for a night of well-mannered fan-tastic frivolity! The event will take place from 7 […]

A Message from Adult Literacy League

Dear Witches, Wizards, and ALL our friends at the Potterhead Running Club, How could we ever find the words to thank you for your extraordinary kindness? Thank you to you and your amazing fanthropy running community for supporting Adult Literacy League through the No Post on Runday 5k. We received the [first] event proceeds in the amount of of $4,746.00 on March 30, 2021. Your support shows our students that you believe in them and the hard work they’re putting […]

NBC News: RTI’s Brian Biggs and a year of COVID-19 response

This organization and the mission it pursues are the product of ideas and principles held by our president and co-founder, Brian Biggs. But his desire to change the world for the better doesn’t limit itself to Random Tuesday’s fanthropic (fandom-inspired philanthropy) pursuits. When he’s not stirring up excitement among the tens of thousands of global virtual fitness event participants, or coordinating with like-minded charitable groups to improve the world in measurable, tangible ways, he keeps working for the greater good: […]

On PHRC’s Seventh Birthday

One year ago today, Potterhead Running Club celebrated it’s sixth birthday. On that day we had no idea what the coming year had in store for us.   It was a year of loss and tragedy. It was a year of stress and insecurity. We stayed home. Toilet paper became the currency of the realm. We found a new appreciation for teachers, restaurant employees, and grocery store workers. We learned how to Zoom. We made bread…so much bread.   All […]

Virtual Fitness in the Wake of COVID-19

We’re all witnessing the impact of COVID-19 on every aspect of our daily lives, from minor inconveniences to major shifts in the way our businesses, families, and lives can function. For those with a dedication to maintaining personal health and fitness, self-care efforts are no exception. News comes to us hourly about the closing of gyms, fitness centers, pools, and other facilities that were the basis for hundreds of thousands of individuals looking to keep to a workout routine. Additionally, […]

All are welcome in this Castle.

Words are powerful tools, and like implements of creativity, they must be wielded with care. Our Potterhead Running Club community is built upon the idea that all are welcome, all are magical, and all have intrinsic value. PHRC would not be what it is, nor could it have accomplished a fraction of what it has done to date, without the collective effort of the vast, diverse, and universally kindhearted global collective that occupy our virtual space.⁣ ⁣ The good that […]

It’s More Than a Running Club.

When we explain to newcomers that virtual running events don’t have “winners”, that may not be entirely true. While our events are self-paced, and there is no competitive or ranking aspect to a Fanthropy virtual run, that doesn’t mean we aren’t surrounded by champions…like Bethany.⁣ ⁣ She’s been a PHRC runner since 2015, with walking and running in countless events has been a part of every year to date. That alone makes her an inspiration to her “housemates”, but after […]

2018: A Year of Change

Random Tuesday, Inc. and the Fanthropy Running Clubs went through an exceptional change in 2018. This is nothing, however, compared to the change in the 75,000+ members of our community. From our Whovian Running Club family, to each and every one of you, we thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. The road ahead looks that much brighter having you alongside us for the run.

Congratulations to This Year’s Winners!

Take pride, Whovians, because this year, your efforts have made this swirling little blue ball in the cosmos just that much better of a place to live. Congratulations to the entire Whovian Running Club for winning the 2018 RTI Coffee Cup for your exemplary performance during the summer Direct Impact Project, where the WRC met 866% of your goal in collecting kids’ bandages for Noah’s Bandage Project! Sarah Bruno of Team Villains came up at the Yule Ball to accept […]