In Our Backyard announced as next PHRC charity partner

  Human trafficking is a criminal violation of human rights, involving force, coercion, or fraud to exploit a person into slave labor or sexual exploitation. It can happen to people of all ages and genders, of any race or religious background. Women are often used for sexual exploitation, while men are usually used for forced labor. About 80 percent of all trafficked individuals are female, about 50 percent are children. A common misconception about human trafficking is that it doesn’t […]

Daphne Legacy Tour announced as next WRC charity partner

  Back in 2016, the WRC ran its first event for a cause that perfectly matched our “laugh hard, run fast, be kind” identity: the plight of the Spanish Greyhound, or “Galgo”. Galgos remain among the world’s most abused animals with an estimated 100,000 killed or abandoned in Spain every year. Capable of amazing speed and grace, they’ve been bred as tools for sport and hunting but never given the dignity of proper care, a home, or a family. We’ve […]

World Bicycle Relief announced as next PHRC charity partner

We are people on the move. We run our errands, and we do our work by going here and there. Our kids go off to school, we get ourselves and our family to the doctor as needed, and the cycle goes on and on. It’s easy to take mobility for granted, because so much around our lives is designed — quite literally — to get us and our things around quickly, so we have more time to do more things. […]

RODS announced as next WRC charity partner

  Back in the summer of 2017, our community met another non-profit organization who were tapping into the energy of widespread fitness activity to raise funds for a philanthropic goal. In meeting them and getting to know their work, we were also introduced to an incredible little boy…named Charlie. The rest was heart-soaring history. We’re so pleased to tell the world that our charity partner for the next Whovian Running Club event is RODS: Racing for Orphans with Down Syndrome! […]

Sea Turtle, Inc. announced as next PHRC charity partner

As untamed and unpredictable as the Internet can be, there are a few universal truths across the digital landscape. First, it’s always wiser to never read the comments. Secondly, there’s nothing that can stop someone in their scrolling tracks than a baby animal. If that little creature is in trouble in any way, look out…because there’s likely going to be a stampede of people moving to do all they can for it. Take into consideration some of the smallest and […]

akt announced as next WRC charity partner

  No matter the dangers, no matter the risks, the Doctor’s confidence has allowed them to turn to anyone — from a dishwasher to a demigod — and say exactly who they were. What if the expression of who you are puts you in danger? What if being yourself poses a risk to your own safety? This is the very real, very frightening situation that LGBTQ+ youth are put in when they feel they have to choose between expressing themselves […]

A Message from Adult Literacy League

Dear Witches, Wizards, and ALL our friends at the Potterhead Running Club, How could we ever find the words to thank you for your extraordinary kindness? Thank you to you and your amazing fanthropy running community for supporting Adult Literacy League through the No Post on Runday 5k. We received the [first] event proceeds in the amount of of $4,746.00 on March 30, 2021. Your support shows our students that you believe in them and the hard work they’re putting […]

US Quidditch announced as next PHRC charity partner

Brooms up! The impact of the global pandemic has been felt from one corner of the globe to the other, from families to businesses, from government agencies to the performing arts, from close-knit communities to casual acquaintances.  And what of sporting organizations? What — quite particularly — of an organization that plays and champions a sport near and dear to those who know the “magical” feeling of a hard-fought victory on the pitch? If the local and regional shutdowns had […]

Unite to Light announced as next WRC charity partner

Think for a moment about the expression “kept in the dark” as referring to someone being put at a disadvantage. Over a billion people live without electricity. Access to clean, affordable light and energy is critical to improving health, education and prosperity.  A child’s education can be dramatically hindered by the inability to read or study after sundown. In moments of disaster response, reliable light and power are critical to first responders, health care personnel, and the victims themselves. The […]

Dentaid announced as next PHRC charity partner

Imagine suffering the agony of toothache, but having no way of seeing a dentist. Lack of dental care — dental access — is a widespread problem, particularly serious for those dealing with financial hardship or homelessness. Simply put, the people who need the services the most are the ones who get them the least. Sadly, more than 70 percent of the global population has no access to dental care of any kind. At this very moment, more than a billion […]