Wheels of change

We are people on the move. We run our errands, and we do our work by going here and there. Our kids go off to school, we get ourselves and our family to the doctor as needed, and the cycle goes on and on. It’s easy to take mobility for granted, because so much around our lives is designed — quite literally — to get us and our things around quickly, so we have more time to do more things.

But what if getting somewhere is at best a challenge, or at worst, an impossibility?

Our charity partner for the next PHRC event is World Bicycle Relief!

World Bicycle Relief mobilizes individuals, their families, and entire communities to thrive through The Power of Bicycles. Their programs provide specially designed, locally assembled Buffalo Bicycles to students, health workers and entrepreneurs in regions of the world where transportation is limited. Doing so helps those communities create long-lasting, sustainable change and break the cycle of poverty. In over 20 countries, they and their partners have provided over half a million bicycles to date.

Their incredible work positively impacts education by getting students to school and giving them more time to learn. Healthcare is improved by increasing health workers’ access to those who need it. Economic development benefits from a greater mobility of goods and services. And girls have more reliable access to schools, empowering them with a fuller education and bringing the world closer to gender equality.

All this by putting people in motion.

Our goal for this event is to get at least 50 sturdy and reliable Buffalo Bicycles to people who need them with extra funds to support their maintenance for a long time!

Join us tomorrow at 12:00pm Eastern for the reveal of the event theme, and get ready to put the pedal down for World Bicycle Relief!