Keep Your Eyes Open.

We come from different places and have different opinions on lots of different issues. We disagree, we debate, and we argue. But there are some issues where pretty much everyone agrees.

Poaching wild animals is WRONG!

Intentionally destroying ecosystems is WRONG!


Catching bad guys is GOOD!

Potterhead Running Club is thrilled to announce that our charity partner for the next PHRC event is Wildlife Protection Solutions​!

Wildlife Protection Solutions is a team of technology experts seeking to enhance conservation best practices through the practical application of new software, hardware and field methods. In simple terms, they put solar-powered motion-activated cameras in areas where poaching occurs to spot poachers and then notify rangers who go out and arrest the bad guys! All of the camera information comes into their WPSWatch app that anyone (yes, that includes YOU) can download to crowdsource the monitoring of the cameras and provide 24/7 notifications to authorities. In the last couple of years, WPS has aided in the arrest of more than 200 poachers who were hunting elephants and rhinos or who were destroying ecosystems (rare trees and other flora are poached too!).

Our goal for our fourth 2019 event is to raise enough to purchase and install 80 more motion-activated cameras in wildlife preserves and protected ecosystems around the world.

Go to to learn more and check back tomorrow at noon EDT as we launch the event, to make sure incredible animals and important ecosystems don’t disappear from our world!