We live in a world where so much is designed to make our lives comfortable and convenient.

Think for a moment about the expression “kept in the dark” as referring to someone being put at a disadvantage. Over a billion people live without electricity. Access to clean, affordable light and energy is critical to improving health, education and prosperity. 

A child’s education can be dramatically hindered by the inability to read or study after sundown. In moments of disaster response, reliable light and power are critical to first responders, health care personnel, and the victims themselves. The birth of a child can be dangerous if not deadly without the right equipment…yet thousands of women give birth in dark huts every day. And for those experiencing homelessness, light can mean access to local services, emergency care, and an ongoing connection with society. 

The power of light stretches far beyond what it illuminates.

We’re so pleased to tell the world that our charity partner for the next Whovian Running Club event is Unite to Light!

Unite to Light is dedicated to providing low-cost solar light and power to those without electricity across the globe. They focus on projects that help students study at night, equip midwives with the tools they need to save lives, offer help and hope to those suffering from natural disasters, and provide light and power to our neighbors experiencing homelessness so they are able to connect to vital services and information. Light by light, they are changing the world.

Our support of Unite to Light will help fund their most critical and impactful programs: education; disaster response; midwives and global health; and local health for the homeless.

Dial back in promptly at Noon ET tomorrow for the unveiling of our second event, and get ready to shine for Unite to Light!