A Winter Gift of Wonder.

This winter, our worldwide Fanthropy Running Clubs community is focusing our Direct Impact Project (DIP) on the importance of early brain and language development through the power of reading books to young children from birth.
We’re going to collect new picture and board books for young children (target ages 1 to 5) for delivery to multiple facilities that will put them into the hands of those who need them most.
THE GOAL: Our community is going to donate 5,000 new children’s books to locations around the US.
THE DATES: Sunday, November 21 through Thursday, December 9. (See the rules document for specifics on shipping and receiving dates.)
WHO WE’RE WORKING WITH: We’re utilizing the National Diaper Bank Network — a national organization that works to meet the basic needs of all American children and families — to be not only the beneficiary of our donation, but a highly qualified logistics partner to help us with bulk orders and identification of locations where the books will be donated and later distributed to families with small children.
HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Complete details on valid donation methods are in the official rules document, but briefly, DIP participation can be done in a few ways:
  1. By contributing to your House/Team/FRC/CRC bulk fund;
  2. Dropping off new books at support shelters in your local area; or
  3. By shipping online orders to RTI HQ.
THE FULL STORY: For complete details on the accepted items, approved donation methods, collection point address, and the individual goals for our Fanthropy Running Clubs in their DIP-driven “Fanthropy Coffee Cup” competition, please read the full 2021 Winter DIP Rules.
It’s time to change the world again.
#DiaperTimeIsTalkTime #2021WinterDIP