This group, this community, this family of fanthropists has done some incredible things over the years, no matter the challenges. You might say we’ve “stuck together” through it all.

It’s time once again to see what we can do when we direct our energy towards one goal: bringing a smile to the face of kids who need it the most.

We couldn’t be more pleased to announce that the Winter 2020 DIP will be supporting Noah’s Bandage Project!

The organization was created by an immensely caring boy who wanted his friends also undergoing cancer treatment to have a little joy in their day: a fun, colorful kids’ bandage after a needle poke, rather than yet another boring, brown one. Noah passed away in June of 2015, but not before starting his Bandage Project and making a huge difference around the globe. Noah’s Bandage Project honors his life and legacy by helping to provide cool and fun bandages to kids that need them, and to help support pediatric cancer research.

Our donations of fun, entertaining kids’ bandages to Noah’s Bandage Project will be sent to children’s hospitals, schools, shelters, and facilities all over the world!

Here are the basics:

🩹 DIP DATES: Nov. 23 – Dec. 9, 2020

🩹 WANTED: Boxed Latex-Free Kids’ Bandages (also known as: “Bandaids”, ”Boo-Boo Strips”, ”Plasters.” Basically, small adhesive bandages.) The bandages must be FUN. Cartoon characters, superheroes, and other fun kid-friendly imagery is preferred, but multi-color bandages are acceptable.

🩹 NOT ACCEPTED: Loose or bagged bandages. NBP can only accept/distribute unopened manufacturer boxes. They *must* also be non-latex.

🩹REALLY NOT WANTED: Brown, white, tan or other *boring* bandages.


Noah’s Bandage Project – [Your House]
2239 N. 1000 Road
Eudora, KS 66025


We love this Fanthropy family, and can’t WAIT to see what we can do!