Random Tuesday started with one, simple idea: that a small group of geeks can change the world.

Paired with that idea was one basic truth: All kinds of cancer are horrible, but pediatric cancer is absolutely the worst.

Children should only need to worry about school, getting along with their friends, and the proper glue-to-conditioner-ratio in homemade slime. They should NOT have to be worrying about cancer, or getting poked a bajillion times…or losing their hair.

Every RTI Fanthropy Program has carried out at least one virtual running event to either fight cancer or support cancer warriors and survivors…except this one. That changes today.

Whovian Running Club is humbled to announce that the charity partner for Event #4 is The Magic Yarn Project​! The Magic Yarn Project is the original and largest volunteer-run non-profit organization that makes and sends whimsical princess yarn wigs and superhero beanies free of charge to children around the world who are battling cancer.

Chemotherapy treatments often leave skin too tender and sensitive to tolerate wearing traditional wigs, but Magic Yarn wigs are soft and giggle-inducing and invite children back into the world of imagination and play during a very difficult time. Our support will bring dozens (if not hundreds?) of these hand-crafted works of art into the lives of our greatest and bravest little companions!

Be back here tomorrow at Noon EDT as we announce Event #4 and start our mission to bring joy to the bravest warriors we’ve ever known!