The final tally for children’s books is in!

When we set out on this project, we set ourselves an aggressive goal of 5,000 read-to-me books to be distributed to families with the gracious help of The National Diaper Bank Network and their fantastic distribution allies. Every time we calculate these goals, we try to establish a goal that builds upon the efforts demonstrated in past direct impact projects; we try to do something that is a true challenge, but given enough combined grit and goodness, could be done.
Once again, we were totally unprepared for how good our Fanthropy community is.
At the final count, we have provided little ones with 10,211 stories to give them a winter gift of wonder, and a love for reading that will carry them through their lives!
We are humbled, proud, and warmed this winter season by the accomplishments our Fanthropy Running Clubs show off time and time again. YOU are the ‘happily ever after’ in our lives, and the world is better for it.