Hello everyone…

We have several very important and difficult announcements to make.

First, we will be winding down PHRC in the next few months. This step was not taken lightly, but we believe it is the best option under very difficult circumstances. We have reached an agreement to settle the lawsuit that Warner Bros. brought against us. The terms of the settlement are confidential, so there is not a whole lot we are able to discuss but we will tell you what we can, when we can. The official statement is: the litigation has been settled to the satisfaction of the parties. For now, here’s what things will look like internally, going forward.

The good news is that even though we’re winding things down quickly, we will finish out our 2022 medal events. On May 21st, we will be launching the final four medals, including the Challenge medal, and re-releasing the first three medals of the year, in our final Time Turner event. This allows us the opportunity to fulfill our commitment to our pre-registrants, as well as our commitment to all members who would like to finish out the year with the bling you’ve come to know and love.

We will also be moving most of the old PHRC medals out of the back catalog into their own event and putting them on sale. We will be hosting a silent auction for the remaining rarer medals that have made their way back to us, and will likely launch one last Challenge shirt in June.

The common rooms, Great Hall, and other PHRC groups will remain open until the medals have all been shipped out, leaving time for wrapping up the House Cup.  Please note that there will not be a third House Tournament. We are still working to finalize the dates and many details, and will keep you updated as we know more. The Groups and Great Hall will be accessible at least through the end of this year, and possibly longer, for people to view content, but we will be suspending making new posts at some point later this year — the specifics of that are still being worked out internally.

Because PHRC is our flagship program and main donation generator, and because we will also be closing down the CRC Community in the coming weeks, this transmogrification will also mean significant changes to RTI’s structure, staff and setup, including a wind-down of WRC and FRC. WRC team rooms on Facebook will, like the PHRC Facebook Groups, be paused later in 2022; we are still working through a way for the community to continue in some form.

We will launch Timey Wimey on June 4th and the final FRC medal on June 11th. There will not be a WRC Race Across Time event.  The final Battle of the Fandoms will happen on schedule. Fans Run the World medals will be ordered in the coming days and shipped out when they arrive, and the race will continue through the end of 2022. Several of us have already registered for the Chicago Half and still plan to organize a meetup in the Windy City, but at this point, we believe that the Fanthropy Endurance Program will be winding down after Chicago.

Barbara, Hiddles, Betsey, Keir, and Dawn will remain until the last of our tasks are done, each stepping down at different times as necessary.

We know that this is an enormous change, and that it isn’t easy. None of us yet have the words to express how we are feeling about all of this. So many emotions are vying for attention, and we are just trying to process what all of these changes mean. But we have had some time to sit with it, and you all are hearing it for the first time. We know that this is not the news anyone wanted to hear, but it is the only news we have to offer, and we have hope that the #SOMUCHGOOD we have all created with PHRC will live on long after the club winds down, yes, even after “it all ends.”

We want to go out with a bang and have as much fun and shenanigans as possible in these remaining months. Please know that all the time, love, and energy you have given to this community is so very appreciated.

We couldn’t have done any of this without you. Thank you.

The coming months will be difficult, there is no denying that. We will get through it together, as we have done for the last eight amazing years…until the very end.

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