Everyone deserves a reason to smile.

Imagine suffering the agony of toothache, but having no way of seeing a dentist. Lack of dental care — dental access — is a widespread problem, particularly serious for those dealing with financial hardship or homelessness. Simply put, the people who need the services the most are the ones who get them the least. Sadly, more than 70 percent of the global population has no access to dental care of any kind. At this very moment, more than a billion people are suffering the misery of an untreated toothache.

Our charity partner for the next PHRC event is Dentaid!

Dentaid is a charity that works tirelessly to increase access to safe, sustainable, free dental care. By supporting dentists, they provide outreach dental clinics in the poorest and most remote communities. They also have projects for homeless and vulnerable people, and believe that everyone should be able to receive dental care and oral health advice. As a result, Dentaid is improving the world’s oral health – one smile at a time.

The PHRC is going to support Dentaid in their efforts to bring quality dental care to individuals across the UK and beyond, from their on-site clinics to their mobile dental fleet!

Join us tomorrow at 12:00pm Eastern for the big reveal of the second event theme, and get ready to flash a smile for Dentaid!