What were you doing three years ago today? I know exactly what I was doing. I was having my life changed.

On a very special phone call on February 14th, 2016, I first heard a word I’d never heard before. A word that would change my life for the better.

That was the day that the “thought” of Whovian Running Club became a “plan”. At the core of that plan was a promise. A promise to speak up for those who could not speak for themselves. A promise to dedicate a portion of the future of this new organization to a singular cause. A promise that would endure as long as Whovian Running Club would exist.

What was that new word I learned three years ago today? Galgos.

I had never heard of a Galgo. I had no idea than an estimated 100,000 of these beautiful dogs are murdered or abandoned every single year in Spain. On that phone call, my life was changed and the future of WRC was written in stone. Because I made a promise. That at least one WRC event every year…forever…would be dedicated to saving Galgos.

Whovian Running Club is pleased to announce that our charity partner for our second event of 2019 is the Daphne Legacy Tour!

Last year, YOU were responsible for the largest single migration in history of Galgos (24!) from Spain to the US! DLT’s twenty-four dogs in a record-setting effort was truly impressive, but that was soooo 2018.

Our goal with Daphne Legacy Tour in 2019? FORTY EIGHT!!

That’s right. We’re looking to DOUBLE the number of dogs DLT brings to the United States this year! But we can only do it with your help.

Watch this video about Daphne, the inspiration for our commitment to Galgos, and then be back here at 4 PM ET / 1 PM PT to sign up for Event #2 and help bring 48 Galgos home!

– Brian (WRC Master)

WRC and the Daphne Legacy Tour: One Life