“Joy is resistance. We resist the notion that our young men are anything less than our greatest hope for a brighter future.”

Science. Invention. Technology. Every day, we see the previously impossible become possible through technological advances. In our world, that’s magic. Those who create and innovate in the STEM fields are truly wizards of the modern world.

But what does someone do when they have extraordinary dreams to change the world but are denied the chance to pursue them?

Young men of color are at a considerable statistical disadvantage pursuing careers in computer technology and software development. Despite the booming growth of the tech industry, young men of color are being left behind and they are only a fraction of the incoming workforce. According to research by The Center for Investigative Reporting and UMass, Black men are 3% (median) of executives in the tech firms studied, and even less in managerial and professional positions.

Developer jobs are lucrative and generally stable, so they could help close the wage gap for people of color. They need access to skill development — including hard skills (coding, engineering) and soft skills (communication, teamwork, problem-solving) — to have the same chance as anyone else at having a successful future.

To support young men of color, our charity partner for the next PHRC event is All Star Code!

All Star Code teaches coding, soft skills, and an entrepreneurial mindset to young men of color through their year-round programming. With intensive programs offered in New York City, Pittsburgh, and Jersey City, the mission of All Star Code is to create economic opportunity by helping close the wealth, income, and opportunity gaps for young men of color. They believe — and we firmly share in this belief — that by working towards a more diverse and equitable playing field, they can help build a more innovative and profitable future for all. To date, over 600 young men of color have completed their flagship Summer Intensive Program.

Our relationship with ASC began back in 2018, when they were the charity partner for our immensely successful Royal 10k. That year, our donations funded an entire cohort of twenty young men to attend their 2019 intensive. With the world adapting to the global pandemic, this program will be offered virtually for the year, but the logistics and overhead costs to the organization remain just as complex.

PHRC’s support from Event 5 will help even more young men of color and their participation in an upcoming All Star Code Virtual Summer Intensive Program.

Join us tomorrow at 12:00pm Eastern for the event reveal and get ready to see the next generation of brilliant young minds prepare for stellar careers!