“Oh, hello. I’m the Doctor.”


No matter the dangers, no matter the risks, the Doctor’s confidence has allowed them to turn to anyone — from a dishwasher to a demigod — and say exactly who they were.

What if the expression of who you are puts you in danger? What if being yourself poses a risk to your own safety? This is the very real, very frightening situation that LGBTQ+ youth are put in when they feel they have to choose between expressing themselves and feeling safe.

Social stigma that LGBTQ+ young people face about their sexual choices or identities can come in many forms such as discrimination, harassment, violence, social rejection…and family disapproval. Coming out, or being outed as LGBTQ+, can lead to young people being turned out by disapproving families.

24% of homeless young people identify as LGBTQ+. Once homeless, they’re more likely to face violence and discrimination than young people who aren’t LGBTQ+, and are more likely to develop substance abuse issues and experience sexual exploitation. This can all take a huge toll on someone’s physical and mental health.

Providing LGBTQ+ young people with an immediate opportunity to live in a safe home, pursue their education, training, and employment, and celebrate their identity in a supportive environment can be the difference between a life at risk and a life full of love.

We’re eager to tell the world that our charity partner for the next Whovian Running Club event is akt!

Since its 1989 founding in Manchester, England, akt has supported LGBTQ+ young people aged 16-25 in the UK who are experiencing homelessness or living in a hostile environment. They help these young people find safe homes and support with things like employment, education, and training, in an environment that celebrates LGBTQ+ identities.

Much like our hero, these incredible volunteers open their doors at the most critical moment, providing safety and shelter when it is most needed.

Our support of akt will help pay for the “emergency support packs” and “tenancy starter packs” that are made available to those young people who are at risk of homelessness or harm simply because of who they are.

Tune back in promptly at 12pm ET tomorrow for the unveiling of our third event, and get ready to show akt who we are!