Literacy changes lives.

Education is the single greatest tool to overcome a myriad of societal injustices. It’s the path to a better future for everyone, yet millions of adults read at or below a fifth grade reading level.  Illiteracy turns simple, everyday tasks into real problems. Reading product labels, following street signs, or filling out job applications can be difficult and frustrating. 

Our charity partner for the first PHRC event of 2021 is the Adult Literacy League!

The Adult Literacy League helps over 2,500 adults every year with Adult Basic Education, English Language classes, GED preparation, and one-on-one volunteer tutoring. The opportunity they make possible for thousands of people is a form of magic itself!

Our support of the Adult Literacy League will help pay for workbooks, textbooks, and other important student materials. It will be like helping first years fill their cauldrons in preparation for a wonderful new journey of learning!

Join us tomorrow at 12:00pm Eastern for the reveal of the first event for 2021, and get ready to turn a new page for the Adult Literacy League!