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We're harnessing the power of fandom, and making the world a better place.

As fans, we know the energy and enthusiasm that goes into being part of any fandom. We also recognize the need to take care of ourselves and others, and by applying our fan passions to causes that matter to us, we believe that a better world is possible.

Anyone who takes the power of fandom and applies it to making things better — whether that’s improving their personal health, making a shared space more welcome and supportive, doing something for a worthy cause, or all these things at once — is a ‘fanthropist’.

We’ve built a worldwide community around this identity, and the things they’ve already have positively affected millions of lives.

Fanthropy Running Club

With online participation by tens of thousands of individuals in over 65 countries, we are making an impact around the world.

These ‘fanthropists’ participate in fandom-inspired virtual fitness events that celebrate popular interests, encourage physical activity, and encourage philanthropic efforts.

Direct Impact

We’ve conducted a number of direct impact projects in recent years leading to donations of more than 2,800,000 children’s bandages and over 250,000 scarves, knit hats, socks, school supplies, and other humanitarian aid items to organizations around the world. These are in addition to the nearly $2.7M donated to over 75 charity partners.

Our communities continually demonstrate how a passion for fandom interests can be channeled to tangible acts of kindness and altruism on a global scale.

Fanthropy Endurance

Most recently, the Fanthropy Endurance program has been created as a way for fanthropists to bring their energy and enthusiasm to “IRL” race events around the United States.

These are community gatherings with a power-up bonus: showing hundreds upon thousands of race attendees what fandom in motion can do.


We've gotta say, we're putting up some impressive numbers.

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